Adapts to your Business; Not the other way around.

While Integrin is designed in collaboration with experts in the industry, by following the industry best practices, we recognize that every business is unique and might have custom workflows that are unique to your business. Some Enterprise Solutions do not offer flexibility to adapt to the customer business, resulting in customer adapting to the software workflows. In a regulated industry, it is difficult to change the business process to adapt to the software due to documentation requirement in changing SOPs (Standard Operating Protocol), training the users to the new process, validating the new process etc; This results in lost time and money;

Integrin is built with flexibility as one of the core principles, Integrin Enterprise Solutions Professional Services team will work with the customers to understand and document the custom workflows in the customer practices that deviate from Integrin workflows that are based on industry best practices and will do detailed analysis to evaluate the changes needed to implement the custom workflows;

Integrin Enterprise Solutions Professional Services team will walk through the customization that is needed to implement the custom workflows with the customer and moves ahead with the Statement Of Work as needed. Custom Workflows are built and tested in Integrin Lab and are made available in Customer Test environment for User Acceptance Testing; After successful testing and User Acceptance from the Users the custom workflows are released in Customer Production environment.

Integrin supports adding custom fields, custom screens, custom workflows; Customization need additional support and maintenance, requires additional efforts during Integrin upgrades resulting in additional cost to the customers; Customer needs to use discretion in deciding whether to use standard workflows or implement customization depending on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).