Enabling Success by delivering tools, needed for timely accurate decisions.

Data is King! CXOs and Top Management from our Customers look forward to Analytics & Reports provided by Integrin for making timely accurate decisions.

Integrin has real-time data in the database and can provide real-time analytics and reports for the Top Management; Some of the reports that are used by the customers include, Inventory Items Expiring shortly, Product Requests requiring approval, Inventory items in Quarantine / Released status etc.

Integrin supports event based auditing to capture auditing records as the event occurs, and maintains the audit history in the database; Top Management can review the audit reports to understand the sequence of events as it occurred. Audit records are very helpful for troubleshooting, when an error occurred and perform analysis to find the root cause of the error and take CAPA (Corrective Action & Preventive action). Audit data is retained in Customer Production database until it is purged / archived, Purge / Archive strategy is deployed in customer environment based on Integrin best practices and customer inputs.

Integrin supports Dashboard and Email notifications to alert the users about the pending actions that need attention.

Integrin provides Analytics & Reports that help running the enterprise at optimal inventory, that can lead to efficiency and cost savings; In a regulated industry, materials like control substances are expensive and have higher lead time and it is more than necessary to know real-time inventory in hand; Integrin has tools to know the current inventory in hand with the accurate location of the inventory.

Integrin supports financial tracking including Account Receivable(AP) & Account Payable (AR) to know the real-time financial status of the enterprise; Integrin supports standard financial reports including Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Trial Balance.