Enhances information flow within organization, just like Integrins bridging cell-cell interactions.

Integrin has workflows that promote interactions between different users & departments within the organization, using Dashboard alerts & Email notifications, that results in seamless flow of information between users and departments; This improves efficiency within the organization by reducing the wait time for user approval, and results in all users having view into latest information that is available in the system.

Integrin supports flow of information between different functions within the organization and different functions have access to real-time information about other related functions, for example Order Management function will have access to real-time inventory from Inventory Management function, which will assist in creating an order with optimal order quantity; Product Development/MRP function has access to real-time inventory from Inventory Management function and assists in making automatic purchase order request with accurate order quantity, based on Work Orders that are scheduled in the future, resulting in materials being available for the work orders at the scheduled date, and improves the efficiency a notch as the work orders can run on the scheduled date successfully, without having to for the materials.