IntegrinLab is an Electronic Lab Notebook(ELN) software platform designed to replace paper laboratory notebooks. IntegrinLab is designed to be used by scientists and technicians to document research, experiments and procedures performed in a laboratory. IntegrinLab is a Cross-disciplinary ELN that is designed to support access to all data and information that needs to be recorded in a lab notebook

IntegrinLab is a browser-based ELN software that is compatible with all operating systems and most popular browsers. Access your data anywhere in the world and always be up to date with the latest developments of your research.. IntegrinLab supports organizing your experiments into multiple projects and providing access to selected individuals for specific projects thereby maintaining data integrity.

IntegrinLab supports versioning, thereby maintaining version history of all changes to the documents. Users will have the ability to view the entire history of the documents and privileged users will be able to restore the document to a previous version.

IntegrinLab supports full audit trail by recording any changes made with timestamp and making those changes available in the version history.

IntegrinLab supports Role based access control, making sure only authorized users can perform the assigned functions depending on the User Role. IntegrinLab also supports multi-role user where a single user can perform mulitple roles, System Admin will be granted access to assign roles to other users.