IntegrinDEA is a software platform designed for Life Sciences organizations that use Controlled substances. IntegrinDEA supports inventory tracking with bi-directional traceability, regulatory compliance document management and compliance reporting to Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

IntegrinDEA supports categorizing control substance according to a substance’s medical use, potential for abuse, and safety or dependence liability by designated schedules, I-V. IntegrinDEA supports managing DEA Registration No. and Theoretical Drug Content at the inventory lot level, which can be searched and included in the DEA Reports

IntegrinDEA supports tracking Molecule, Salt Base Conversion Factor and Strength at the Product / Material level which can be searched and included in the DEA Reports IntegrinDEA also supports custom Feature Groups and Features that can be attached to Products and Inventory Lots, Reports can be created based on Feature Groups and Features, that enables to review information based on roll-up by features. IntegrinDEA supports tracking Form222 and managing supporting documents at Inventory Lot level. IntegrinDEA supports transferring inventory between different warehouses, with or without an approval workflow based on customer requirements.

IntegrinDEA supports bi-directional traceability between Materials and Products thereby helping in traceability and Recall Management as needed. IntegrinDEA supports reconciliation at the lot level for Control Substance inventory to meet DEA compliance.IntegrinDEA captures audit logs as the event occurs, and also supports Perform By / Verify By for critical events, along with date/time of the event, thereby complying with CFR 21 Part 11. IntegrinDEA Product Development or Manufacturing maintains lot level bi-directional traceability between Products, Intermediate / WIP Products and Raw Materials, with the ability to pick a specific inventory lot during Product Development or Manufacturing.

IntegrinDEA supports Role based access control, making sure only authorized users can perform the assigned functions depending on the User Role. IntegrinDEA also supports multi-role user where a single user can perform mulitple roles, System Admin will be granted access to assign roles to other users.