IntegrinDMS is a document management software platform designed for Life Sciences organizations and Food & Beverage organizations. IntegrinDMS supports receiving, tracking, managing, storing documents and is capable of keeping a record of the various versions created and modified by different users (history tracking). IntegrinDMS supports managing different document types with approval / release workflows

IntegrinDMS supports maintaining version history of pages and documents that are added to IntegrinDMS

IntegrinDMS IntegrinDMS supports restoring a prior version of a document as the current document version

IntegrinDMS supports document publishing workflow, where the document will have to go thru a publishing process before it is becomes the current version accessible by the users other than the owner of the document, this helps keeping the WIP (WorkInProcess) documents separate from the published documents

IntegrinDMS supports categorizing documents into multiple categories and sub-categories based on the customer requirements

IntegrinDMS is based on industry standards for content management & document management

IntegrinDMS supports Role based access control, making sure only authorized users can perform the assigned functions depending on the User Role..